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Meera Mithun give reply to Khushboo!

Meera reply to Khushboo's reply

Recently, Khushboo, the actress and BJP leader, was involved in a car accident. Meera Mithun had also made some statements regarding the car accident. Meera said it was a plant accident and artificially created. Khushboo reacted against this. Khushboo did not mention Meera’s name. ‘As a person, as an actress, and as a human being they have become a tragedy and they are playing the drama to attract the attention of others. Now trying to get my attention. What will be done ‘, Khushboo wrote on his social media page.



But Meera did not forget to reply to this. In Meera’s words, ‘If I were a tragedy, no one would say anything about me. The mafia that made you, yes Kollywood knows whether I am a disaster or a creator. And my TRP. It is also proof. So your argument is wrong. I do not need your attention. ‘ Meera also gave a scathing reply.



‘I will tell the truth no matter who I look at. I will bring out the hypocrisy of everyone here. In fact, what I am doing here is opening the eyes of the Tamils ​​who are being deceived by you. I don’t play drama. The truth is bitter.-Meera wrote in another tweet.

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