I am very happy with my color and shape says Vidhu Pratap

‘I am very happy with my color and shape; But tired of your pacification ‘

Singer Vidhu Pratap and actress and dancer Deepti’s stories go viral in a matter of minutes. After being locked down, Vidhu is celebrating her family’s time together. Vidhu will be sharing several videos with Deepti through her YouTube channel. Covid also shares vigilance videos for fans with Deepti and Vidhu.

Vidhu has also shared videos that prove that she can not only sing but also act. The player was still active there until Tik Tok was banned. The actor shared the video with the caption, “Anyway, Namma is a bitch.” “I’m very happy with my color and appearance; I’m very confident. That’s why I posted that yesterday. Interesting video with Vidhu

Vidhu shared a picture with Deepti the other day. Vidhu shared the picture with the hashtag Challenge Accepted. “No one challenged me, but I also posted a black and white picture of myself declaring solidarity,” was the caption given to the film by the actor. The actor has now appeared with a video linking to the film after it went viral.

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