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Nanjil Vijayan has released a video against the actress Vanitha Vijayakumar

Actress Vanitha Vijayakumar has currently been a region of assorted controversies when her recent wedding to film producer Peter Paul, when his 1st married person Elizabeth claimed that he had not single her wrongfully.After actresses Lakshmi Ramakrishnan and Kasthuri came in support of Elizabeth, there have been arguments between Vanitha and them, and Vanitha had problems with tv actor Nanjil Vijayan in addition.


Recently, Vijayan had announce a photograph of Vanitha with a trespasser that sparked an argument, and these days he has shared a video wherever Vanitha has trolled province BJP. within the video, Vanitha is seen oral communication that her father Vijayakumar has the support of BJP and later says that TN BJP has simply ten members, indirectly troll the party. This video of Vanitha troll BJP, shared by Vijayan has turned infectious agent.


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