Nayanthara Is In Trouble ! Lip Lock With A School Kid, Photos are Viral in Social Medias

LAST MODIFIED: October 24 2018, 11:13 IST

Thirunaal is the latest release of South Indian super heroine Nayanthara, which had Jeeva in the lead role.

Nayanthara is playing a school teacher’s character in this movie and a liplock scenes from the movie had landed her in trouble as per reports. In this movie, there is a scene in which a little school kid kisses Nayanthara on her lips. The mother of that child had posted that screenshot in Facebook and she said that it was her son’s liplock with Nayanthara.

Now, that scenes is getting trolls from all over and many people had come out against that scene in the movie.The mother who posted the image of Nayanthara’s liplock with her little son, had removed it from Facebook when she realized that it had become a big controversy. The director of this movie and Nayanthara is not yet reacted to this controversy.