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Nayanthara lights lamps….

Nayanthara lights lamps...

Recently according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s solicitation, individuals everywhere throughout the country enjoyed the 9 minutes at 9 PM lighting action by killing lights in homes and lighting diyas, candles or versatile electric lamps outside gallery or doorsteps.

Nayanthara Lights Lamp

Nayanthara Lights Lamp

Celebrities also participated in this, and Lady Superstar Nayanthara and director Vignesh Shivan also did this, and Vignesh posted photos of Nayanthara with lamp, captioning it “Dear corona … ! We only do this for God during our prayers ! Now we are doing it for u ! Jus requesting and praying that you would let us to get back to normal !! #GoCorona #corona please show come karunai ???????????????? Go away please !”.

In another post in Instagram, Vignesh Shivan addressed on the science behind lighting diyas as he posted “So deductively talking … with such a large amount of fire and light the climatic temperature would have expanded by a couple of degrees and we would have effectively slaughtered a few individuals from the crown infection ?? family !#IsThatAFact ???”.
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