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Nayanthara’s name dragged into controversy; Cyber ​​attack against Vanitha Vijayakumar

Nayanthara's name dragged into controversy; Cyber ​​attack against Vanitha Vijayakumar

The controversy surrounding the marriage between actress Vanitha Vijayakumar and Peter Paul is not over. The controversy was first sparked by the appearance of Peter’s ex-wife after the marriage between the Vanitha and Peter. Actress Lakshmi Ramakrishnan’s comments on the controversy angered the woman and led to a heated argument between the two.vanitha-vijayakumar

The other day, Vanitha Vijayakumar called Lakshmi Ramakrishnan a bad name live. Now, the Vanitha’s tweet tagging Lakshmi Ramakrishnan has created a new problem. The woman’s tweet has unnecessarily dragged Nayanthara and Prabhu Deva into Vanitha’s controversies.vanitha-vijayakumar

“Wasn’t Nayanthara also a bad woman when she was staying with Prabhu Deva? Where you when his wife and mother of three children mourned in Ramlath court and in front of the media,” Vanitha Vijayakumar asked, tagging Lakshmi in a tweet. The question angered Nayantara fans and the fans took to the stage against Lakshmi.Prabhu Deva re-joins with actress Nayanthara .. What does that mean

The woman has temporarily deleted her Twitter account after fans unleashed a cyberattack on her for making bad remarks against Nayantara.

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