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Neeraj Madhav-Deepthi Wedding Video

Neeraj Madhav is one of the young actresses of Malayalam cinema. In April this year was the wedding of Neeraj and Deepthi. Neeraj is sharing new ideas about marriage, including the community media. Six months later, she got her wedding video in her delight. Neeraj himself shared the social media with a video viewer saying that the matter was delayed.

Neeraj’s words – ‘Thanks for the Magsmen Stories that made the wedding video out of now in the hands of the camera. Jokes apart thanks for making such a wonderful wedding highlights, all went through the mood, sitting with his wife for six months after rituals and rumors, was filled with emotion. Thanks to each and everyone who made our special day even more special!’

Neeraj Madhav Wedding Video 

Source: Neeraj Madhav


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