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Nikki galrani says she is in love and the wedding will be over soon

South Indian actress Nikki Galrani is reportedly getting married to some superheroes. Directed by Omar Lulu, the new star is Dhamaka. Arun Ann is the hero of the actor. Arun and Nikki had come to the JB Junction event with the special features of the movie. Nikki hints that she is in love with the show and that the marriage will be over soon.

Arun Kumar recently got married on the set of Olympian Anthony Adam. It was Arun’s love affair. Arun also shared that he had been dating a family friend for eight years. The presenter advised Nikki to study it. When asked if there was any commission, Nikki said she had a clear idea of ​​my life.Asked how you met, Nikki was reluctant to answer and shared that we met from Chennai. Nikki Galrani said she would make it clear soon and that the marriage would be over soon.


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