Fifty-year-old, vegan, beautiful looking groom for his daughter; Astha tweeted viral

The single mother has a daughter who is looking for the groom. Astha Verma, a law student, said on Twitter that her 50-year-old groom is looking for a mother. Astha has been tweeting about how to be a groom looking for a mother. The groom is supposed to be fifty years old and handsome. Astha tweeted that her mother should be a vegetarian, not an alcoholic, and a good job and a good job.

Responding to some queries on Twitter, Astha said: She also shared the picture of her mother standing on Twitter. Asta’s tweet was graciously welcomed by the media. At the same time, some have criticized the tweet. Asked if Twitter was the place for a wedding, Astha said she searched Shady.com and Tinder and found no suitable mother.

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