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Our Honeymoon, you can call it School Escalation !! Poornima’s post go viral !!

Iandrajith and Poornima are a couple of celebrities who make a regular presence on social media. They share stories about family and cinema with their fans. What is now going viral are the pictures of Poornima and Indrajith’s honeymoon journey. The star said it could be called a school excursion if you want. In the picture, both are holding their hands up.

Poornima Post

Poornima means that they have all the pose they need for a good honeymoon. ‘Our honeymoon, you can call it school escarpment. Yes, we did, and that’s what we did. There are pictures of us walking through the Jander Mantar and watching the roaring rose garden in the background.

We’ve taken all the poses we think are a must for a good honeymoon. In addition to that styling and sandals we put on the matching dresses that day, oh, come on the heels. We can’t stop laughing when we look back. ”

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