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Pia Bajpai goes bald for ‘Abhiyum Anuvum’ !!

Performer Pia Bajpai, will’s identity found in a bilingual Tamil/Malayalam film ‘Abhiyum Anuvum‘, will wear a bare look in the motion picture. Pia will be seen inverse on-screen character Tovino Thomas in the Yoodlee Films generation.

“I’m having an uncovered search for several scenes in the film and it’s been exceptionally trying for me. It used to take three to four hours just to put that legitimately and have that look. For a reality, in the event that I needed to begin the shoot at 7 a.m., I needed to begin preparing at 3 a.m. Furthermore, more than that the entire day for 12-13 hours having that on my head, was extremely troublesome,” said Pia in an announcement.


“I couldn’t move my head much or giggle. Regardless of whether my head got bothersome, I couldn’t take care of that. With so much splash and paste. I just couldn’t hold up to return home and get that off. Also, it used to take effortlessly that numerous hours to try and evacuate that,” she included.

It was so monotonous for Pia that she even thought to be going uncovered genuinely than wearing a wig.

“I truly figured shaving my head would be such a great amount of superior to wearing that wig, yet then my executive disclosed to me this look was only for three to four days that too amid the underlying days of the shoot. Consequently, I wasn’t permitted to shave my head which I would have favored,” said Pia.