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Pictures with Amala should not be published, High court bans to ex-boyfriend

Amala Paul and Boy friend

Amala Paul has filed a defamation suit against singer Bhavninder Singh in the Madras High Court for allegedly misusing a photo taken for a photoshoot. The High Court has now banned Bhavninder Singh from publishing pictures with Amala. Justice Satish Kumar adjourned the case till December 22. The controversial picture was shared by Bhavninder Singh on social media a few days back. Amala Paul’s second marriage has been widely circulated on social media. The image of the couple posing as traditional Rajasthani bride and groom was mistaken for a wedding picture and was discussed on social media. The actress was not ready to deny the news or comment on anything.amala paul1

Amala Paul had revealed that she was in love during the promotion of the movie Aadai. Amala had said that she used to discuss with him when choosing films and when he got the opportunity to act in ‘Aadai’, he first spoke to her. Amala made the revelation in an interview with Film Companion.”It simply came to our notice then. I’m in a relationship. When I first heard the story of the movie Aadai, I shared it with him. I was eager to hear his opinion. He told me ‘You really have to be able to be yourself to be this character. If you want to do this movie, you have to prepare physically and mentally.amala paul1

If you decide to act in a film, go ahead with it, ‘said Amala. She had said that not only ‘Aadai’ but all her films are discussed with him.“True love helped me heal my wounds. I thought that only my mother could love me unconditionally. But he changed that perception. For me, he gave up all of his work and career in order to spend time with me. He knows my passion. He stood by it. He is not the one who praises me for anything, he just points out my shortcomings and shortcomings. It opened a third eye. ”

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