Poornima Indrajith come back after 17 years gap!

It was in 2002 that we saw Poornima Indrajith keep going on the extra large screen, through the film Dany.

We heard her by means of Swathi Reddy’s character in the 2016 film Double Barrel and she has dependably been dynamic on the little screen, yet the fashionista let her numerous different needs take over amid the between time period. When she marked two films — Virus and Thuramukham — as of late after a long break, we likewise heard that we will get the opportunity to see her in two at no other time symbols on screen. What encouraged her to take them up, and what’s uncommon about the movies? Poornima lets us know:.

poornima indrajith comeback

Two big films, after a 17-year break. What’s that like?

I was in the film industry for only a year, in which I did seven movies. Then, I got married, my priorities changed and in the later years, many things happened that kept me occupied. My hands were full though certain projects came along and I couldn’t take them up, that’s all. It should be the right time and priorities should align for a movie to happen, and they did with Virus and Thuramukham, which I am proud to be a part of.
As for how I feel, in fact I am extremely anxious and overwhelmed about performing in these roles. Probably, I am much more nervous than when I was a newbie (laughs). But then, I am keen to understand whether I have matured as a performer.

poornima indrajith comeback

What urged you to sign Virus and Thuramukham?

It’s not every day that you get to play a real-life hero on screen as in Virus. I play the role of the State’s Director of Health Services (DHS), a character that has been etched out taking inspirations from a few others alongside that of K L Sarita, who was the DHS at that time. The film has a socially relevant subject and it was just last year that we saw the events unfolding before our eyes. And in no time, this year, it has become a movie with so many stars lined up. When I was offered the role, there were no second thoughts on being part of it, regardless of how big or small the character was.
Thuramukham is also a story inspired by a true incident and I play a role, which is very challenging. Its director Rajeev Ravi has been a friend for long. I was offered the film even before Virus. We discuss his films in general and this time, when he spoke about a character in his latest film, he said he wants to offer it to me. It is a period movie and the character in question is no easy role to play, so I asked ‘Why me?’ He said ‘Why not you?’ And then, the auditions happened and I went through the beautiful process of exploring the soul of the character that I play.

An Interview?

Indeed, I trust it is imperative to comprehend the chief’s point of view, paying little heed to one’s involvement. Additionally, I like the way toward trying out, where you get the opportunity to break your things and discover some new information. I don’t take a gander at it as something to be frightened about.

We heard that Sajeesh and Rithul, the spouse and child of the late medical caretaker Lini (who lost her life treating Nipah patients), were at the Virus set…

Indeed, they were and I could feel a knot in my throat each time I saw them. Those are the minutes when you remove the veil of an entertainer and your sentiment of being a mother goes to the bleeding edge. I am certain it was so for everybody on the set. We additionally got the opportunity to investigate the last letter Lini had composed, and it was really lamentable. It is a gigantic individual misfortune for that family that can’t be supplanted. Be that as it may, when you meet them, you can perceive how solid they are and how smoothly they handle it, encouraging a feeling of pride through your brain. It’s all around once in a while that you see individuals putting their life second to that of others, raising above self and doing what somebody like her has done.

There are numerous unrecognized yet truly great individuals around us like her, and I have seen such individuals while working with Anbodu Kochi amid the floods also. From anglers to undergrads, there were a considerable lot of them and I felt mankind appeared at the grassroot level is regularly mind blowing. Film should observe everything, with the goal that history remembers it. It’s extraordinary Virus is doing that.

How was it, getting ready to play your character in both the movies?

Aashiq Abu, who coordinates Virus, is an entertainer’s executive. He and his group dependably ensure that the artistes are entirely agreeable on the set. It was a genuine alleviation for an on edge individual, for example, myself to be in such a strong circle.

I realized that the DHS was in Thiruvananthapuram first and she was conveyed to Kozhikode around the time the situation developed. I saw recordings in which I got the chance to see how she displays the issues to the media, and that helped in my homework for the job. Morever, every one of them have solid recollections of these occurrences even at this point. Indran plays the Kozhikode Corporation Health Officer, which is motivated by Dr R S Gopakumar, whom he got the chance to meet face to face and connect with finally. When I achieved, they were there to give me enough data about everything that occurred.

Our individual tracks were shot discrete and our names aren’t equivalent to that of the genuine characters in the film. It’s anything but a careful cut-glue from the genuine occurrences and a touch of tweaking is done all over so that everything is depicted with deference.

With respect to Thuramukham, the shoot is still on and I can’t uncover anything yet.

poornima indrajith thuramugham download

You have additionally earned a name in the style business. Did you have your contributions to give for the look in Thuramukham?

Not at all. Today in cinema, the technicians are all extremely well-read and informed enough to handle the projects they take up. Moreover, I didn’t want to think about fashion while I was acting, where this was the priority. Unless I am asked, I don’t delve into it.
On a lighter note, your husband Indrajith had recently quipped he is a bit upset he doesn’t get to share screen space with you in Virus.
(Laughs) Interestingly, Indran and I are part of both Thuramukham and Virus and in both the movies, we have no combination scenes. About 13 years ago, we did an ad together and also recently, there was one for a health drink. When it comes to sharing the screen, that’s all we have done. Jokes apart, what matters is getting to be part of such good films.

What do your daughters feel about watching you as an actress?

I don’t know! I think as their mother, it makes no difference to them whether I am heading for work to my outlet or a film set. Moreover, they generally have very strong opinions and we have always let them voice what they feel. I have to just wait and watch their reactions. Then again, our families have a film background. I know what’s on my shoulder and I want to do my best.

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