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Prakash Bare: Women should turn producers and make their own movies

Actor and producer Prakash Bare was recently invited as one of the guests at the first meeting of the Women in Cinema Collective (WCC). Bare set forward a few thoughts, one of which was that ladies should turn makers and begin making their own movies, and furthermore, the WCC ought to incorporate men too who bolster them. The Smita Patel motion picture Mirch Masala was screened at the scene, where a subeidar played by Naseeruddin Shah typifies the male centric society existing in a little town in India.

“The subeidar is not one person. it’s all of us, and patriarchy exists within all of us . But today it has increased more than before. Mollywood is an industry where woman are respected, where actresses from other industries like Sharada migrated to. But today, there is an unwritten rule which says that an actress shouldn’t be around for more than three-four years,” he said.

Prakash Bare

There are no quick solutions for this and he has a request for the WCC, he said. “‘The WCC should include men as well who wish to fight patriarchy, and whoever supports them. Women themselves have opposed WCC so it shouldn’t create a gender divide. Also, let there be projects produced by women, with themes by women,” he added.

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