Ranveer Singh BREAKSDOWN subsequent to seeing the crazy reaction around his Khilji symbol from Padmavati

Dunno about you yet we have surely gone in a condition of stupor as far back as we have seen Ranveer Singh in the epic trailer of Padmavati that hit the web this evening. That is to say, the brain boggling force with which he’s claimed his villanious part as Allauddin Khilji or say so far as that is concerned the conviction with which he has made Khilji his own is commendable to the point that each time he hit the screen, he will undoubtedly give us goosebumps. No big surprise many have officially gone up to announce Ranveer has pass on, dominated Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor in Padmavati.

Now that is the effect Ranveer has left on everybody with the main trailer of Padmavati. Be that as it may, endure until the point that you check how Ranveer has responded to this staggering reaction coming his direction…

An overpowered Ranveer separated the moment he went live on Instagram to thank his fans for showering such unlimited love. He had no words to state at all. All that he did was got heartbroken and sent bunches of adoration and kisses to everybody who has been applauding him and vouching his character in Padmavati.

In fact, after a point, Ranveer even took a moment to pause and imagine if this is how legit the trailer has turned out to be then how is he going to control the overflow of emotions once the film hits the screens on December 1. Here, check out grabs of a teary-eyed Ranveer below ;

More love to you Ranveer and we are so proud that you are killing it as Sultan Allauddin Khilji. Indeed, there couldn’t have been a better choice than you for this one.

We are personally in love with Ranveer Singh’s bearded look but he looks equally desirable clean shaven too. The actor has always been a favourite with fashion connoisseurs, the reason being his quirky and funky sense of style. Be it those colourful costumes or weird silhouettes, RS has the guts to pull them off and how! Ranveer never let his inhibitions come in the way of his styling and has always been a game to try anything and everything unconventional.