Rekha is the most stylish personality in Bollywood, has a sense of self-dignity: Sabyasachi !!

LAST MODIFIED: March 10 2018, 10:54 IST

Form originator Sabyasachi Mukherjee on Friday said Rekha is the most sharp identity in Bollywood as she has a feeling of self-personality which is “tragically missing” in numerous individuals in the film business.

Among all the best on-screen characters that he has styled, the planner said no one can beat the veteran performer, with regards to settling on immortal design decisions.

“When I think about a classy individual in India it could be red lipstick or over the best make-up, glittery red sari. I figure no one can be more snappy than Rekha ji since she wears a comparative saree for each honor work as she has feeling of self-personality which is tragically ailing in numerous individuals in the business,” Sabyasachi said.

He accepts if a man needs to have an effect with their dressing they have to convey independence to their feeling of style.

Sabyasachi was talking at the India Today gathering on ‘Front Row: Reinventing the Classic’ alongside architect Naeem Khan.

The originator trusts form industry for a long time has made billions sustaining on individuals’ uncertainty.

“The more we keep the general population uncertain the more they purchase garments since they need to measure up to something that is obscure to them. The contrast amongst mold and style is the point at which you are aimlessly following design, you are in an uncertain space where you don’t know your identity.

“When you are in vogue you minister things since you are associated with yourself. A beautiful individual does not denies design. A sharp individual is somebody who gets what is pertinent regardless of whether it is in mold or not,” Sabyasachi said.

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