Rekha looks younger than the newcomers actress even at the age of 65, know what a diet plan is
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Rekha looks younger than the newcomers actress even at the age of 65, know what a diet plan is

It is said that in the old age there used to be a flower which would be eaten by anyone, people think that 65-year-old Bollywood actress  Rekha (Rekha) has also probably known the secret of that flower. But it is not like that Rekha ‘s diet is her beauty magic, which makes her look younger than newcomers even at this age. Today is Rekha’s 64th birthday, let’s know her magic diet plan on this occasion.

happy birthday rekha images
happy birthday Rekha images

Drinking throughout the day
is the big secret of the beauty of the waterline, they drink 10-12 glasses of water throughout the day. Because water removes all the toxins and dirt from inside our body. Drinking more water makes the skin brighter. So this is the secret of Rekha’s glowing face. happy birthday rekha

Rekha avoids oil by drinking more water. Recently, while talking about this tight in an interview, Rekha had said that she includes most of the fresh vegetables, yogurt, and salad in her food. Rekha also told that she does not eat rice, but definitely does eat bread.

happy birthday rekha; Bollywood actress Rekha
happy birthday Rekha; Bollywood actress Rekha
Entire sleep is complete, the anti-aging
line concentrates on another task with its diet. She always gets her full sleep, because a person who takes full sleep every day has fewer health problems. So according to Rekha’s interview, she sleeps at least 6-7 hours every day.
If you too, like Superstar Rekha, want to remain young and energetic till the age of 65, then start following these tips from today. For the rest of the beautiful, beautiful and spineless superstar Rekha, we will say on her birthday that you should always be such a fit and a hit.

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