Remembering Sreevidhya Since Her Passing After 12 Years

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Remembering Sreevidhya Since Her Passing After 12 Years

Srividya, also known as Sreevidya, was an Indian film actress who appeared in films in the Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi film industries for 40 years. In the latter part of her career, she concentrated on Malayalam films. Her portrayals as a mother in many films were highly acclaimed. In addition to acting, she occasionally worked as a playback singer as well. Srividya’s personal life was full of tragedies. In 2006, she died of spine cancer, aged 53.


100% Sure there will be another actress in Malayalam cinema who has spoken a whole lot more than what the script meant or put down in words, with a pair of eyes as Srividhya.

Srividhya spoke through her eyes. Her voice was just an embellishment. Every emotional nuance could clearly be read from her face, even the most subtle, and she didn’t even have to try hard. It was effortless and regally graceful.

For now,we would mention briefly two rarities from her career , a dance performance and a playback number of hers, both of our favorites.

Sreevidhya  suffering and the bitterness that she faced with grace, strength and poise that only comes to the rarest of the rare while in full public glare but what she left behind as an actress, a dancer and a singer in Malayalam Cinema. That  has to be one of the most invaluable, everlasting legacies by anyone who has been a part of Indian cinema.

Saying she was “multi-talented” wouldn’t be enough to justify her talent as a singer and dancer, an untrained singer that she was, and the dances from her early years are enough to stop you in your tracks.

Few realise that her early appearances on screen had more of dancing than acting, and one of  favorites is her  as the celestial courtesan Menaka, dancing to the lines of the semi-classical composition, Mayanadana Viharini in Kumarasambhavam (1969) directed by P Subramaniam, from Merryland studios.

Source: Evergreen Film Songs

Performers like Srividya are, in a way, loaned to us by the  Universe for a brief period to take our sensory perceptions to frontiers beyond our closed walls of regimented living.

You will be forever missed.

Photos of Srividya


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