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Richa Chadha to belly dance for Shakeela biopic

Actress Richa Chadha is working on her belly dancing skills for a special promotional song for a biopic on south Indian glamour actress Shakeela.Richa plays the titular role in the movie, directed by Indrajit Lankesk. She is training under the guidance of Mumbai-based belly dancing instructor Shaina Lebana. Richa has been taking lessons from Shaina on belly dance for the past three weeks and will be training for some more weeks.“The song that I’m learning belly dancing for will be a part of the promotions of the film. I have always loved learning newer forms of dance. Belly dancing is not only very attractive and graceful but is also a very tough dance form to learn and adapt,” Richa said in a statement. This is not the first time Richa has attempted the dance form. She used to take belly dance tutorials three years ago.

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