Sarkar Now Available Online, Tamil Rockers Leaked the Movie

LAST MODIFIED: November 6 2018, 13:19 IST

Tamil film Sarkar, featuring Vijay and Keerthy Suresh in the lead, has been leaked online by Tamil Rockers. The reports in the media suggest that the film, which received mixed reviews from the audience, is the latest target of the piracy websites. The mass entertainer just started doing some good business at the Box Office. However, seems like the leak will now affect its business at the ticket window.

sarkar duplicate
Sarkar Movie Downloading

The film Sarkar is joining with Vijay and AR Murugadoss. The movie was released on today(6.11.2018) based the celebration of Diwali. Within hours of the First Show, the film came to the internet. The film duplicate version was uploaded by Tamil Rockers.

The film has got the warm opening for everywhere. The first show started from 5 am in Kerala. The duplicate of the movie has been released in six hours after the show began. Keerthi Suresh Varallakshmi Sarathkumar are the heroines of the film.

Sarkar Torrentz Downloading
Sarkar Torrentz Downloading

In a scene after Sarkar’s protagonist Sundar Ramasamy announces his candidature, he addresses the residents of a colony. The first question thrown at the wealthy corporate honcho is whether he knows the price of tomatoes today. While he admits his ignorance, he uses it to narrate economics, explain how it affects the financial status of the people and finally sways the people to his side.

For the large part of the movie, director AR Muragadoss tries to establish that politics is not much different from business, and Sundar, played effectively by Vijay, keeps pointing out how marketing, branding and strategising would help not only win the support of the people but also change the corrupt system.The movie starts by introducing Sundar, a ‘corporate monster’ who not only conquers his competition but annihilates them. His visit to India has many firms worried about his agenda, which as it turns out is to cast his vote. However, at the ballot he is informed that his vote has already been cast. This leads him taking the legal route to reclaim his right. But an incident involving a family who sets themselves ablaze owing to their debt and a challenge by a politician forces him to stay back to change the system, and make people aware of the difference a single vote can make.

Muragadoss has executed the film well, choosing to go with a developed script than just fan service. In fact, the songs and a few action scenes that panders to the ‘mass’ audience is what weighs down the film, which is otherwise evenly paced. The makers also deserve credit for taking the effort to present facts that add credibility to the story that is extensively based on election laws.

Sarkar Watch Movie Online
Sarkar Watch Movie Online

Vijay is on top form as Sundar, even though the character doesn’t have too many larger than life moments. Instead the heroism is limited to action that is possible by every citizen who exercises their rights. His confidence as the corporate honcho also adds to the character’s intentions as he takes on an entire political party. The writers also don’t paint him as a man who has all the answers. Instead he is someone who is willing to work with others to seek solutions.

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