Shah Rukh Khan guarantees to learn Bangla by one year from now !!

LAST MODIFIED: November 11 2017, 12:04 IST

Wowing fans with a crisp endeavor at Bangla at the opening of the 23rd Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF) on Friday, whiz Shah Rukh Khan looked for a conventional Bengali ‘dhoti’ for the following version, promising to be conversant in the territorial dialect.

“I have guaranteed that I will continue learning Bangla. My Bengali needs to show signs of improvement. This is my new endeavor with eight lines. It would be ideal if you hold on for me. Give me a chance to get this privilege in light of the fact that by one year from now I need to do it without understanding it off a paper,” Shah Rukh said attired in a tuxedo while administering as the co-have at the KIFF inaugural.

“Ei film celebration er bishesh onusthane uposthith thakte pere sammanito bodh korchi. (I feel respected to be available at this unique occasion). Sanskriti ebong oitihjjyor ei shohor (Kolkata is the city of culture). Shob cheye Mishti Shohor Kolkata (It is the sweetest city),” said SRK to awakening adulation.

The 52-year-old on-screen character who is Bengal’s image minister, likewise asked for a ‘dhoti’.

“Next time I am will request that my companions give me a dhoti likewise… Come and talk in full Bengali… familiar additionally and be here,” he stated, complimenting State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for arranging the celebration.

Mamta Banerjee on her part guaranteed the clothing.

“We will give a dhoti-panjabi to Shah Rukh. He has asked us,” Mamta Banerjee included.