Shobana is not the best actress just because she got the award Balachandra Menon
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Shobana is not the best actress just because she got the award: Balachandra Menon

Balachandran Menon is a director who has gifted the best heroines to the Malayalam cinema. Later, all of them became leading heroines in Malayalam. Of the heroines he has brought in now, he is open about the star who caused the most headaches with his immaturity. In many interviews, Balachandra Menon has openly said that Shobhana was the heroine who caused more headaches when she acted in her film. Shobhana’s answer to the question of what would be the future of Shobhana’s cinema if she had been told from April 18 was that she would sometimes be the heroine in Rajkapur’s film. Balachandra Menon commented that he welcomes Shobhana’s confidence.


Having won the National Award, I cannot say that Shobhana is the best actress among my heroines. The National Award and the State Award are only recognition but in the opinion of one director, it will be many other things. I have no problem with brightness. I read in one of their interviews. ‘I couldn’t have collaborated any more on the movie April Eighteenth because it was a problem of my age’. I’m not very close to any of the heroines I brought, I’m an isolated person. I remember saying in a magazine that if I had left Shobhana as the producer said due to the problems during the movie April 18, she would have acted as the heroine in Raj Kapoor’s movie. I do not know. I welcome that confidence of brilliance.

balachandra menon
Balachandran Menon

Aren’t they my artist ‘, says Balachandra Menon in an interview. Balachandra Menon brought Shobhana to the cinema on April 18. Released in 1984, the film stars Balachandra Menon, Shobhana, Adoor Bhasi, and Bharat Gopi in the lead roles. Parvathy made her film debut with Vivahitare Ithile Ithile. Karthika – When the bell rang, Annie – Amma is the truth, Nandini – April 19. Actor and producer Maniyan Pillai Raju was also brought into the film by Balachandra Monon. The actor made his film debut with Maniyan Pillai or Maniyan Pillai. They were well received by the audience.

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