Shruti Haasan got married in secret! Photos are Viral !!!!

LAST MODIFIED: October 22 2018, 16:37 IST

All the people in the film industry are in gossip columns, but many are true. Recently, most South Indian lovers love and marry with foreign players. South Indian actress Shriyaan was not much in the eyes of the paparazzi but her love marriage.

Priyanka Chopra and Dipika Padukone will marry in Bollywood this year. Telugu cinema lovers are waiting for Nayanthara and Shruti Haasan’s wedding. Though the news of the rumor is about the rumor, the story is not mentioned much. But fans of the actress have come out with the surprise.

Paparazzi says,  Shruti Haasan, daughter of Kamal Hassan, came to the cinema after being hit by the paparazzi. 
Along with Shriya Saran, Nayantara and Gossip Colonel have been in the spotlight. It’s been a matter of time to tell that Tarakaithri is in a strange love with American Michael Corsale. The news also came in the face of Shruthi’s marriage.

The reason for gossip

The pictures of Shruti and Michael Corsley have come out of social media. Photographs have often been propagated by hitting the airport from Mumbai and flying over the airport. Her husband Kamal Haasan along with her lover took part in a wedding for months and concluded that her family was familiar with the relationship. It was reported that Kamal Haasan’s love for the couple was accepted.The viral image

Shruti shared the film with Michael Korçale by Instagram. Shruthi shares the photo and says that every day with you is adventurous and that you have proved me to be good friend and partner. Fans say Michael has been married as a partner.

Even before the rumor’s marriage, a number of reports were spread. For a long time, Shruti Haasan was in love with American theater star McColsley. According to reports, the actress’s wedding was done secretly, and Shruti is in her place together with her husband in Mumbai. But neither the rumor nor the family were revealed out of the truth.