Simdaranan’s song released for the single track of Sarkar’s film

A single track of Sarkar’s film has been released. Simdaranan’s song for the single track of Sarkar’s film was a huge expectation. The expectation was doubled even as Vivek’s song is written for AR Rahman’s music. This is anticipation of being the next song that will hit the world hit Hit.The new word Simtangaran for the deficit has been tragedy, meaning what it means, and then explaining the songwriter Vivek. If you want to tell me, you can tell me that he is a Simmons. The fans at the top of the celebration already started celebrating Vivek that the word “Simangaran” is just as indicated by the commander Vijay. Let’s go to the song right now. Simtangaran’s song is released in Sun Nest. The next time, hundreds of millions of people have seen the Sun Sunset.


Though Vijay’s Mass is yet to be released, the soundtrack is a song, but it is in the style of Rahman. It is doubtful that Vivek wrote the song in particular. His unpublished words are more handled. The song, which begins as a techno song, “suddenly goes to the simpton sirby”, suddenly descends to the standard locomotive. Hey nikal pikalumma … oh dontanum dhukalumma .., makuru kukarumma .. someone pannikina dan … Paka is reminding Chennai Cana. “Coca-Cola .. With the dirty side of the dungeon .. the whole world with arthla bisithe … ” When these two taxes arrive, it is sure to make a piece of laughter and smile. . Especially … “Allu Silly …, Eddie Wattanan .. All the chip lines are twisted.

Melody, Ghana, Western, which can be suppressed by any kind of song. Rahman has cast a hood as a quality locale. He has given many stylish songs and melody songs. But there is not such a song yet. It’s more than just a mix of everything. There is no doubt that Simtankaran is sure to hit.

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