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Sita action trailer arrived: See hot updates

After the hit film like I am the king I was the director of the film directed by Teja. The movie is a pre-release event for the latest film unit Grand.

Sita Trailer

Tollywood’s top heroine Kajal Aggarwal is the latest movie ‘Sita’. While Tej is directing the film, Kajal is playing the title role. Bellamkonda Srinivas is playing the role of heroine. Sonu Sood is the villain of the popular actor. Manna Chopra is another heroine. Anoop Rubens has provided music.

Sita Trailer

Newly released film ‘Seetha’ trailer. There are good dialogues along with action and fight. That’s a bit naive Ram ‘my name is Raghuram, Sita my uncle’s daughter .. I will see Sita, my uncle told me to take care of me,’ the action trailer starts with the dialogue.

Sita Trailer The trailer shows that Sita’s innocence is changing to Sita. But it seems that Ram is trying to save Kajal from the killing of Sonu.

Sita Trailer This trailer is about to increase expectations on the film. The film is about to wait till May 24.

Sita Trailer

The event was held in Hyderabad and the whole band participated.

Sita Trailer
Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas – Kajal Aggarwal starring Sita will be released on the 24th of this month.

Sita Trailer
Anub Rubens gave music to the film.

Sita Trailer
Anil Sunkara is the producer of the film.

Sita Trailer
Sita Pre Release Event (Photos)
Sita Trailer Sita Trailer Sita Trailer

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