Sonam Kapoor trolled for comment on toddler’s murder

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Actress Sonam Kapoor. Ahuja was trolled for her remark asking individuals not to make the executing of an over a multi year-old young lady in Aligarh, into a “selfish agenda”. She says she puts stock in talking up for those with no voice.

“What has happened to baby… is heartbreaking and horrific. I petition God for her and her family. I likewise urge individuals to not make this into an egotistical plan. This is a little girl’s death, not motivation to spread you despise,” Sonam tweeted.

The toddler was strangled to death and her eyes gouged out after her folks purportedly neglected to reimburse an advance of Rs 10,000. The occurrence occurred in Tappal town in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh. As indicated by reports, the girl’s body was found on June 2 of every a dumping ground close to her home, three days after she went missing.  Reportedly, the mutilated body was discovered after a pack of stray dogs had been spotted carrying what appeared to be human body parts. According to the police, the two accused, identified as Zahid and Aslam, were neighbours of the victim.

Film club members have denounced the occurrence, urging authorities via social media to take quick and severe action against the culprits. Sonam’s tweet, specifically, drew the consideration of movie producer Ashoke Pandit, a key individual from the Indian Film and TV Directors Association (IFTDA), who referred to what the on-screen character’s bulletin bearing post at the season of another instance of a young lady from Kathua.

Sonam Kapoor HD Image

Sonam Kapoor HD Image

“Sonam on… you questioned the values of India by tweeting: ‘I am Hindustan. I am ashamed. 8-year-old gang raped and murdered in ‘Devi’-sthaan Temple.’ And now on… you tweet saying, ‘I urge people to not make this into a selfish agenda.’ Why this disparity,” he wrote.

To this, Sonam replied: “Because I practise Hinduism and I believe in Karma.”

A social media user commented, saying: “Looks like your idea of karma is distorted to suit your agenda.”

Sonam explained: “I don’t have an agenda. It seems like you do. Please don’t be so hateful. It doesn’t suit you. I hope you find fulfillment and peace.”

When another social media user called out Sonam for her posts, the actress said: “As a Hindu, I believe in karma. And believe in speaking up for those with no voice.”

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