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SP Balasubramaniam Passed Away!

SP Balasubramaniam passed-away

Popula singer SP Balasubramaniam Passed Away. SP, who is undergoing treatment for coronavirus infection, has been released. Recently the news cames,  Balasubramaniam’s condition was critical. Medical bulletin on the health status of SPB MGM. Hospital officials said he would be released soon. His condition worsened on Thursday evening. He is being treated at the MGM Hospital in Chennai.

SP Balasubramaniyam

SP Balasubramaniyam

Actor Kamal Haasan was visited SPB at the hospital. “Doctors cannot say he is OK. Doctors are trying to save his life,” Kamal told reporters after leaving the hospital.

He was admitted to the hospital on August 5 with mild COVID symptoms. He himself had released the video that day stating that his health condition was satisfactory. On August 13, his oxygen levels dropped. He was then admitted to the intensive care unit and given ventilator assistance. He also underwent plasma therapy.

sp balasubramaniam

sp balasubramaniam

On September 8, he was cured of Covid disease. However, his son SP said that the ventilator had not been removed as his lung condition was bad. Charan had made it clear. On September 19, his son claimed that SPB’s health had improved. The son also said that he started eating food by mouth. The SP said he was recovering well and hoped to be discharged from the hospital as soon as possible. Charan had recently clarified.

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