‘Sridevi’s Contribution To South Cinema Must Not Be Underestimated,’ Says Nagarjuna

LAST MODIFIED: May 29 2018, 10:50 IST

The death of the legendary Sridevi in Dubai a few months ago came as a blow to all her friends, fans  and co-stars.  Nagarjuna who worked with her in Telugu and Hindi movies says Sridevi’s passing served up a lesson  to him. “I still can’t believe she  is gone. Life is  so unpredictable. The suddenness  of Sridevi’s death has made me appreciate  my loved ones  more. It’s  important  to  live every moment  positively  and beautifully.”

Nagarjuna who was as stunned as whatever is left of the country by Sridevi’s sudden end, says her commitment to silver screen can’t be undermined. “She  was equally important  to Hindi and  South  cinema. Her  contribution to cinema in   the South whether  it was Malayalam, Telugu  or Tamil, cannot be  undermined. In Telugu I can vouch for her professionalism and  talent. Sridevi could do anything.”

Sridevi’s Contribution

Bother reviews show Sridevi functioned with both Nag and his dad. “ You won’t believe this. But she played my father (the legendary Akkineni Nageswara Rao, better known as ANR)’s daughter and then his  romantic interest in several  films. And then she  was  my co-star. No  matter whom she was paired with, Sridevi was completely  at home. It didn’t  matter to her whether her leading man was my father or me. She was equally comfortable  with both,” says Nag emotionally recalling his   time with her.

“Her level  of  professionalism was to be seen  to be believed. When she did Ram  Gopal Varma’s Govinda Govinda with me she was full  of  fun and enjoyment  in front of the  camera. The  minute it was switched she went back into her shell. She was an astonishing artiste. I will miss her for as  long as  I work,” says Nag submerged in tears.