Sunny Leone is the IPS officer of ‘Second part of “Sphadikam”

LAST MODIFIED: September 18 2018, 12:47 IST

Sphadikam 2 has been announced after almost four years of research Director Biju Kattakkal also said that he has not done the film anymore.Sunny Lone is the daughter of Leila who was presented by Silk Smitha in the sphadikam . It is not a movie that happened in a day.The idea of ​​new raiban comes with not being compared to old Sphadikam.Can anyone use Raiban glass?The story of Sphadikam 2 is about the story of Irumban.The film is going through the character.The film will do anything.Can not prevent us. The second part will go on.Sunny Leone will definitely be in the film. Sunny is a major portrayal of the movie. Biju is the director of Yours lovingly. But no one has the right to prepare the second part of the Sphadikam Bhadran has revealed.But the Director’s decision that If the protests continue, the film does not withdraw from the second part.