“Suriya Proposed First and Immediately I Said OK”, Jyotika Opens up about her Marriage

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Megastar Suriya and Actor Jyothika is the Most Lovable Couples in Film Industry Today. They are married on 11th September 2006.surya

Surya and Jyothika first met during the filming of the movie Poovellam Kettuppar in 1999, which was Surya’s fifth film, and Jyothika’s third. Both were not big stars by that time but they were doing some really good work. She was from Mumbai, trying to make her mark in the Tamil film industry. Despite the fact that she didn’t know Tamil, Jyothika made an effort to learn the language and would deliver her dialogues with utmost perfection. Surya was attracted towards her sincerity, dedication and her immense humility.surya-jyothika

Suriyas Opinion about Jyothika, ‘she was on the only woman on the set of the movie and what i am  really liked is that she would treat her assistants with dignity. But it was more like a crush and things did not go beyond that point since Surya was a shy, reserved and introvert – qualities for which he is is still known, and admired even till today.’

Suriya Proposed First and Immediately I Said OK”,

Source: Galatta Tamil