In Malayalam movie’s Marilyn Munro Vijayashree’s death is also mysterious.

It is doubtful whether Malayalis have so much attracted the attention like that of beauty Vijayashree, such Known as Marilyn Munro. That time was Jayabharathi, Sheela and Saradha were in the fray for the performance in malayalam cinema.  At the same time, Vijaya Shree arrives in front of frame. She was not bad in acting too. so, suddenly she turned out to be an integral part of Malayalam cinema. The theaters was filled with audience, because she did not shame to act as a little glamorous.

People came to the theater in the name of Vijayashree. He was born on 8th January 1953 as the daughter of Vasupillai and Vijayamma in Manakadu in Thiruvananthapuram. she have two brothers.  Her first film was a 1966 Tamil film, Chiththi. The first film in Malayalam was Poojapushpam directed by Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair which was released in 1969. After the first film Chiththi, she acted in a Telugu film in 1966. He made his debut in 1967 in two Tamil films,  Bangalore mail in Kannada films and one in Telugu films.

Though Pooja Pushpam has gained attention, after that she busy with many malayalam movie and finding the time for acting in Tamil and Kannada films. In 1970, K. P. Kottarakkara  producing the film Poojapushpam got Block buster, after that producers are waiting for Vijayasri’s date. During this period, there were a number of movies Vijayashri done with Evergreen hero Prem nazir. Prem Nazir – Vijayashree’s association became the best Pairs in that thime.

Vijayashri Known  Glamor actress and glamorous dancer, she want to known for her role as a good actress. She has been named as one of the best actresses in films like swarga puthri, Jeevikkan Marannu poya sthree, yauvanam and Aadhya katha. Kunchacko was the director of many of his films.
But suddenly, things changed, unexpectedly her clothes fell off river at the time when the Udaya’s  Ponnapuramkotta was shot in the river. Successfully using the zoom lens was their nakedness without her Permission.

The director Kunchacko was regularly blackmailing Vijayashree using those video clips. This was stated by Vijayaashree in an interview published in the March 1973 Nana Cinema Weekly. Like Marilyn Monroe, Vijayashree’s life was a pleasure.
On March 21, 1974, Vijayashree committed suicide in a hotel in Chennai. It is said that in the black mail is the reasong for she committed suicide and there are some other reasons.

The death of Vijayashree was in the line of excellence. After her Death, Two uncompleted  film Yavvanam and Vandikari was released in 1974 as Yavvanamvandikari and it became a big hit. Her The last Hero was Raghavan. She has acted in 40 films in Malayalam for a short period of time. If Jayan is seen as a symbol of male beauty, the old generation of Malayali are the ones who see Vijayaashree as the ultimate beauty of a woman. In the black and white camera, the audience adds Vijayashree to heart. It is only good memories for contemporaries about successful Vijayashree who has attracted anyone through their blameless conduct.

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