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The Real Reason for Kalpana’s Suddenly Marriage!

The Real Reason for Kalpana's Suddenly Marriage!

Actress Kalpana, who passed away prematurely, was an artist who cemented her place as a comedian in Malayalam cinema. What Kalpana said about her first love years ago is going viral again on social media. The actress talks about the problem that arose during the shooting of a movie and how Vashi got into love and marriage.



As Kalpana said then, ‘The first person I fell in love with when I was 25 was Anil. It’s a good idea to get married. It ‘s a good idea. I was and still are friends with the people behind the film. He was not friendly with anyone, including the directors or the producers. Then there are the Lightmen and the production kids. After that, my friends are camera assistants and so on.



‘ Inchakkadan Mathai and Sons was directed by Anil Babu. Though Kalpana was told to wear a skirt and shorts in the film, Kalpana wore a sari as per the instructions of KPAC Lalitha and others. ‘Anil, who did not like it, did not call for the shoot that day. What he had in mind that day was to tie him up and give him a job. This is the only opportunity to give work back then. So I married Anil on a reading. ‘ The commandment said that day.

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