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There is nothing to be afraid of in doing those things, it is our freedom!

Prayaga Martin says about freedom

Prayaga Martin regularly shares her new photoshoots with fans. The film manages to entertain as well as inform, despite its positive reviews from fans. Prayag also gives a good answer to such people. Now the words spoken by Prayag in an interview have garnered fan attention. Fans are always eager to see the interview of Prayag who always speaks very boldly. Prayag still speaks so strongly. Prayag’s words are as follows,

Prayaga Martin

Prayaga Martin


Prayaga says that when we are sure that something is wrong and that it affects us in some way, we should definitely tell him openly and we should not be afraid of it for any reason and we should tell him strongly. Prayag says that if someone comes to control our freedom or says that we should not say so, we should tell such people to go and work.

Prayaga Martin

Prayaga Martin

Prayaga Martin is an actress who entered the world of Malayalam cinema in small roles in Sagar Elias Jackie and Ustad Hotel. Prayaga Martin is the beloved heroine of Malayalam. Prayaga, who started in Tamil and starred in Malayalam, has also made his presence felt in Kannada. No Malayalam movies of the star have been released for a few days now. The actor has taken a break from acting. Even so, the actor is very active on social media.

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