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This is harassment? Arjun’s daughter

Actor Shruthi Hariharan had allegedly made an allegation against Arjun Sarja in the film. But Arjun’s daughter Aishwarya asks, where is the sexual Harassment? where Sridevi has ‘Me Too’ controversy against Arjun.

The actress alleged that Arjun was hiding herself without her permission while playing Rehearsal in the film ‘Nippunan’. Aishwarya is up against this.

Someone is stronger than others, or someone else may do so. It’s also revealed through camps.According to Aishwarya, people like Shruti are using Me To for their achievement.

Director Arun Vaidyanth has responded to Shruti’s allegation. At that time, I made changes in the script by Arjun Sir. Since he was a girl of love, he wrote some of those scenes. But the director told me that Arjun had told me that he would do something else in the script.

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