Tovino Thomas Shares Accident Moment After Bull Fight From Oru Kuprasidha Payyan…

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Tovino Thomas has got a bunch of highly interesting movies in his kitty right now. One amongst the many, is ‘Oru Kuprasidha Payyan’. The third directorial venture from Madhupal after ‘Thalappavu’ and ‘Ozhimuri’, this Tovino starrer has managed to create buzz in social media corners, when it released the teaser. Well, now Tovino has come up with a social media post, sharing his shooting experience for ‘Oru Kuprasidha Payyan’. He informed his followers that he had met with an accident, while shooting an action sequence, which incidentally involved a bull fight.

Upon posting, the actor has received numerous comments in social media corners, most of which appreciate the dedication level of the actor. However, some have come forward with comments, by questioning the authenticity of the incident. Earlier, he had posted a video featuring the shooting moments with the bull. ‘Oru Kuprasidha Payyan’ will see Anu Sithara and Nimisha Sajayan pairing with Tovino.

Bull Fight Scene From Oru Kuprasidha Payyan

Source: Tovino Thomas

Oru Kuprasidha Payyan Movie Cast and Crew Details

Oru Kuprasidha Payyan Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details

Oru Kuprasidha Payyan Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of Oru Kuprasidha PayyanMadhupal
ProducerV Cinemas
Hero of Oru Kuprasidha PayyanTovino Thomas
Heroine of Oru Kuprasidha PayyanNimisha Sajayan
Release date of Oru Kuprasidha Payyan 27 Jul, 2018
CinematographyNoushad Shereef
Running time145 m
ScriptJeevan Job Thomas
Production CompanyV Cinemas
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