Trisha to act as mother, This courage can be appreciated.

If you know me, Trisha is playing the role of actress in a film again. Why can not a heroine be more than fifteen years old if an actress can be in the same mood in cinema? That is Trisha.In the early days, Trisha’s love for cinema is increasing day by day and his beauty and acting are going to shine. It is a remake of the 96 film Teaser by Vijay Sethupathi who is a Mind Voice. Actresses are generally afraid that if the baby plays a mother, the heroine’s image will go away, and Anti’s heroine Anthony heroine. Except for that, Trisha played the role of a girl in the film “Know Me”. The character was greatly appreciated. Now Trisha has signed a contract to act as a mother again. Trisha is also a mother of a child who plays the doctor in the movie “Parameshatham Sports” directed by Thirunanam.Trisha is said to be playing a double role in the film. But now it is known that only one character. Drisha and Amma will take some dimension to Trisha Ashrava and some action scenes. It would be a Stylish Fight for Hollywood Reinde, rather than a typical pipe fight that hugs and hits the rolling hair. Trisha’s beauty is falling in the back of the Akshan.

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