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Unni makes Kavya Madhavan very beautiful, new pictures go viral!

Kavya-Madhavan latest photos

Kavya Madhavan is the heroine who entered the minds of Malayalees with a face full of modesty. Kavya Madhavan, who came to cinema as a child actress, grew up in front of the audience as a heroine. The actor, who has been active in cinema since his youth, is staying away from the cinema after her marriage to actor Dileep.

Kavya Madhavan

Kavya Madhavan

Mahalakshmi is the daughter of Dileep and Kavya. Kavya does not share any of her daughter’s stories or pictures on social media. Kavya’s films are well-received as the actress rarely appears in public. Kavya Madhavan is in front of the camera after a long time. Makeup artist Unni has shared Kavya’s new photos.

What is remarkable is that Kavya Madhavan is much younger and more beautiful. Unni shared the pictures with a note that she does not seem to notice from this photo of Kavya Madhavan. Kavya has been wearing makeup on her face and hair for a long time. Kavya in the pictures is very beautiful. At one point, fans reacted by saying that the body was fat and the old beauty had faded.

Kavya Madhavan

Kavya Madhavan

Now, they are happy to have the old Kavya Madhavan back. Unni dressed up for the wedding of Kavya’s friend’s daughter. ‘A moment to congratulate my beloved Kavya Madhavan who added a hint of brilliance to the end of this very difficult year. When I prepared her for the wedding of her close friend’s daughter, I could not take my eyes off this beautiful capture of all of us’ – Unni’s words.

Unni also dressed up her beloved actress for Kavya’s wedding. Kavya Madhavan was beautiful in a set of saris with a green and cassava border. Kavya and Dileep got married in 2016. This was their second marriage. Meenakshi, the daughter of Manju Warrier and Dileep, lives with Kavya, Dileep and Dileep’s mother. Kavya and Meenakshi are close friends.

The actress had said in an interview that she married Dileep Kavya with Meenakshi’s permission. Mahalakshmi, the daughter of Kavya and Dileep, occasionally appears on social media. Meanwhile, Kavya is active with the question of whether she is dressed for Nadirshah’s daughter’s wedding.

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