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Unni Mukundan’s fan with a huge surprise to actor!

Unni Mukundan Birthday Surprise

Unni Mukundan is a young Muslim actor known in Hollywood. Unni became very popular in a very short period of time. Unni is busy with Kainiraye movies, the star has a lot of fans and often Unni Mukundan is full of gossips, as well as many gossips about Unni. News of Unni Mukundan getting married is often discussed on social media. There were gossips that the names of many heroines were added to Unni’s name. But Unni himself proved that they were all just gossips.

Unni Mukundan

Unni Mukundan

The actor celebrated his birthday the last day. The entire film world came to Unni with a happy birthday. But Ranjith, a fan of the star, was shocked to be given a huge surprise. Unni’s first modified the Pulsar 150cc Pulsar bike changed its look and gave it to the star more than two and a half years ago. Unni Mukundan’s fan Ranjith and his friends gave such a surprise to Unni. Unni, who shocked her father by giving him an old bike as a gift for his birthday, gave him a surprise gift similar to that of his fans.[0]=AZUU4hK-Ba0Yg9LNW9ha6jF2Q2fWX83rzFcanVSHj7-IaHonMNSmAN0UMsBy1moq1J_wrvb_ChhM0N57O1Pz-CtnmTgHHVNTGUQ_CwwmnpZGaq-uB55bbOBM39NGatQ8pAiQAhzWadzdqGXGhNc0xjNqDXhst_ylmXHqMk3MyptLGVsXd8xjFrIsp_8wJnRW7Xg&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Once upon a time, a poor young man was asked by his bike association members to ride a bike to work. Unni gave his first bike for this. This bike was redesigned and given back to Unni by the fans. With this, Unni is wondering if it is his old bike. Unni Mukundan shared his happiness through his Facebook account. Many celebrities and fans are wished Unni on his birthday. 

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