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Vjiay’s look in Bigil was borrowed fromSushant Singh Rajput, Producer with disclosure


Sushant Singh Rajput died on June 14. In Bollywood, there has been a lot of debate and criticism of nepotism. Sushant has a relationship with ‘Bigil’ starring Dalpathi Vijay. Archana Kulapathi, one of the makers of the film, says that the film is about the same.

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Archana says that Biggil Vijay’s father Royyappan’s look in the big hit movie ‘Raichupan’ starred Sushant in the Bollywood movie ‘Chichore’ which was inspired by his age-old get-up. It was decided to bring in some other senior actors as Rayappan. Archana says she doubted whether Vijay could be made into an adult character.

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But when she saw Sushant as an older character in Chichore, she made a sketch inspired by that look and showed it to Vijay. Arjuna also said that Vijay was ready to do the role.

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