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Want to enjoy such conversations??! “Revathi with support for Parvati !!

Revathi, who has been supporting Parvathy, who is attacking social media for criticizing the film Kasaba, She said that such sophistication has become a trend now that the screams and trolleys rising in the garbage area are totally disappointing.

“India is a much more liberal country than any other country. But that freedom does not exist when it comes to women’s subject and their freedom of expression. There is no place for woman’s opinion in places where women are worshiped as gods. ‘

“We are sharing the idea on this topic and I want to know what my friends and fans are thinking about,” she said. Social media is a platform to respond positively. Revathi replied: “Why do I call the truths to replace them?

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‘Do you think the actors in a movie that are recognized in the film, do not have any social responsibility when you speak or talk? The film is for entertainment, but to entertain such contempt and singing of others, Parvati asked.

Parvathi criticized the film ‘Kasaba’ and its character and dialogues in the open forum as part of the International Film Festival. Some of the conversations of the character played by Mammootty have hurt him, so Parvathi told us that the actor who is in such a great position is so glorified that he is so glorified.

But Parvathi had attacked Mammootty in the name of targeted and humiliated. Speaking about the contents of a film, Ernie said that it was a matter of criticism against one of India’s finest performers and said that she is grateful to the yellow papers and the fans. Revati’s reaction is beyond that.

We have a lot of positive and positive responses to the female collective of the movie Viman In Cinematography, “she said. Revathi said the organization’s goal was to ensure women’s rights and to enable them to uphold self-esteem.

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