What is the relationship between Appunniyettan and Mammootty

What is the relationship between Appunniyettan  and Mammootty, who were one of the laborers of the Canoli Canal in Ponnani? 

Appunniyettan’s words about Mammootty, even once never seen. “My life should go to Mammootty at least once. Even from far away. ‘ The famous photographer KR Sunni’s Facebook note is about sharing a story with Mammootty in a big way.

The following is a note from Sunil.

Coir workers in the life of 
a friend arrived in Ponnani katavanat pakarttanayan. But plastic ropes were very easy to market, and the construction of mechanical ceramics had affected the lives of the workers on the Canoli Canal. The sound of the concourse, which was heard only at night, and the empty cords that were clinging to the room were missing. Many have been seeking other jobs. .

The small road in the village went to the homes of the ordinary people. The sound of our car came from an old man who was an old man. Very thin body and surroundings said their lives. .

His name is Appunni. He said that there is a place where a little space is in place. And the way to you. 
Explained We do not know those roads because we do not know him. 
He asked. With a hilarious laughing, the way told us again. The girl who was laughing behind this gave her a shirt from the house and asked her to go with us to go with us. When he opened the door in front of the car, he returned back. When it was compelled, the iron collapsed into the seat. The body language says that the car traveler, especially the former seat, does not feel that native. The poor man was filled with the utter dishonesty. .

While traveling on the seat of a small road, he seemed to have gone astray from the way he saw anyone else. . 
The vehicle gradually rolled back to the right road. And that’s the way it was going to make some mistake about the life of the afternoon that was in the way of wrong. .

He was once among those joining the Canoli canal. . 
That job was the only way of life for the family. But years ago the strokes of heart attacked all walks of life. .

Several years after the treatment in Ponnani, the result was disappointment. The doctor complained that there was no other way except bypass surgery. More than three lakh rupees were beyond that family. .

When she searched for no treatment, she opened the button and showed some spots on the body. It has indicated that bypass surgery was done successfully in a hospital with a modern facility, and it took ten years. .

And when he came to the question of how this man could have organized such a large number, he said.

‘Mummy is doing everything’.

He continued to believe that I was in doubt.

‘Cinematon is Mammootty’.

The words were heard with surprise. In the village of a village, a player has to spread the light of the goodness of life like a darker one! . 
In 2008, Mammootty opted for the cardiac surgery for poor heart patients by a councilor in the country. .

After leaving the car, he was approaching Ayyappan and asked whether he had seen Mammootty in the process of taking coconuts through the mud-soaked soil over the years. The last thing I did was watch the movie, “Mammootty’s early film” blast “and the story of those who are carrying it. Later Mammootty has not seen the movie either directly or indirectly. .

After taking pictures, he told us a long-lasting journey on a journey back to him. .

‘Before my life goes. 
Anyway, you should see Mammootty in the distance.

Then tried to conceal the water in the eyes, remembering that view, and laughed at him; Laughing in the heart.

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