Wow! Priyanka Chopra Refuses To Wear Pants, Read Details!!

LAST MODIFIED: November 3 2017, 14:52 IST

Philosophical quotes are just the same old thing new to Instagram and individuals regularly ponder ‘what is life, what are we doing here, what is our motivation’ and Priyanka Chopra had one such event where she posted a profound significance cite and the end part is the thing that gets everybody’s consideration. Its finish says, “And decline to put on pants.”

All things considered, hang on your stallions, people! The whole quote is tied in with hitting the exercise center and eating plate of mixed greens or cupcakes and cooling without anyone else while keeping up an adjust. The quote read as, “Some days you eat servings of mixed greens and go to the exercise center, some days you eat cupcakes and decline to put on pants. It’s called adjust.”

Priyanka Chopra’s most recent Instagram picture was a philosophical one and individuals’ consideration was just about the jeans part.