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Years later, Priyamani react to the gossip!

Priyamani is an actress who has been in the film industry for years. Apart from Malayalam films, he has acted in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi films. The actress’s dance with Shah Rukh Khan in the movie Chennai Express was well received. The actor is now responding to gossip that came out in his name years ago.
The gossips about me and Tarun started spreading while the filming of ‘Nava Vasantham’ was going on. It was widely rumored that we were in love and were getting married. After that, Tarun’s mother Roja Rajamani came to see me at the shooting location once.Priya says that even Tarun’s mother thought they were in love. The words of the star are as follows. ‘The news that Tarun and I are in love and getting married was first heard during the filming of’ Nava Vasantham ‘. Tarun’s mother Roja Rajamani came to see me at the shooting location. Tarun’s mother asked me if you were really in love. In that case, he said, “There is nothing wrong with you getting married. If anything, tell him.”

Priyamani Wiki

Priyamani Wiki

Tarun later told his mother that we were not in love but only friendship. Usually, when you act in two or three movies with a hero, news like this comes. But the news about him and Tarun came while he was acting in a movie. Priyamani said.

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