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Akashaganga 2 review- that fails to impress the expecations of the audience!

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Akashaganga 2 is a sequel made by director Vinayan to 1999 hit Akashaganga. If you have seen the earlier one, a horror-comedy mixed with some folk tales, you know pretty much what to expect from the sequel. After 20 years, when the director makes the sequel, he serves it up with a mix of nostalgia, humor, and horror.
In the first series, Akashaganga ended with the news that Maya (Divya Unni) was pregnant. At the beginning of this one, we are informed that she died while giving birth to a daughter, who is Arathy Varma (Veena Nair), a medical student now.
Arathi Varma (Veena Nair) is the daughter of Unni (Riyas) and Maya (Divya Unni). The MBBS student is an atheist and doesn’t care about the stories told about her house or the evil spirits that reside there. She is the student chairperson of the medical college and an atheist. Along with a friend who believes in black magic, Arathy, and her gang go to an ashram run by Soumini Devi (Ramya Krishnan). There Arathy talks to her mother’s spirit. 
Back home, she goes to their family temple, which is closed now and opens some boxes there. Trouble starts from then on as the spirit of Ganga (the late Mayuri, who has been recreated here) starts following her. 
 The director who has also scripted the film has successfully woven a horror comedy with Dharmajan, Vishnu, Thesni Khan, Hareesh Kanaran, Praveena, Riyas, and Sreenath Bhasi. The set design by Boban gives the right ambiance for the scary sequences, and Prakashkutty’s cinematography, Bijibal’s music, and the director’s efforts have created a watchable sequel.
The popular song Puthumazhayayi vannu nee… has been used to the right effect. 
However, one cannot call it as a complete horror-thriller as the scary elements don’t convey enough horror.
Akashaganga 2 is an extension of the earlier episode, with some scares and comedy. Go with limited expectations and then, this one could be a fine one time watch. 
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