Areas including Hydroelectric Power Stations and Water Resources within the limits of the Official Secrets Act -1923

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Ul reservoirs of hydropower plants . Where are the official secrets?

According to Act, 1923 , they have been declared as prohibited areas

Nireadhiccittullatuman taking pictures of the display according to the Act . However

Important Dams in Idukki and Cheruthoni in the state

In some media, including images of strategic parts and technical explanations

I noticed it was screened as part of the news of the pettittunt .

Official measures of this kind sikrarrs Act -1923 ‘s a violation . Therefore

News about hydro-electric stations, dams and other statues

In case of publication, broadcasting, and disrupting state security

Official Secrets Act -1923 ‘s the only kind of pictures langhanamillatta

The media is aware of the fact that it is published or transmitted

Picked up .

In this regard, expecting the full cooperation of all media buddies

Chief Public Relations screen Officer