News about the Smart Meter are misleading

LAST MODIFIED: October 29 2018, 13:05 IST

Recently, there is a lot of misleading and misleading news in connection with the implementation of Smart Meter on Kerala State Electricity Board Limited. Those news are non-existence and are rather intriguing.

Consumer friendly smartmatter with the goal of KSEB is that customers are able to understand their power consumption in detail. Time-of-the-Day (TOD) tariff applicable to customers who can adjust the use of devices at a reduced rate and reduce the bill. Customers can also set up custom time consumption at peak hours. In addition to this, you can use the Smartmitter to change the time frame for prepayment of the monthly / monthly monthly facility.

Unlike the usual meter, the customer and the device will be able to communicate with KSEB on a smart meter. The grounds that this system can cause harmful radiation to the client is completely baseless. Smaller radiation emissions from the most commonly used smartphone in everyday life can be derived from the smartphone’s communication system, but the meter is built on the outside of the building so that the customer will not be affected.

Currently, consumers consuming more than 500 units per month are also consumed by Time-in-Day (TOD) tariffs for customers in the LT category. When the smartphone comes in, consumers will be able to reduce the cost of their usage, if it is adjusted for a time less than a time off. By this means, the KSEB can reduce power demand during peak hours. The number of consumers in the coming years will be an increase in the number of subscribers who have to pay the TOD.

The next complaint is that the power bill is the first to pay the premium amount (prepaid) in the smart meter. The smart meter will have a prepaid option along with payments (postpaid). You can select the customer for any of these. The power connection can only be valid when the customer is warned in both systems and can not pay.

Current laws will also be applicable in relation to the moratorium and for renting the meter applies even when the smart meter arrives.

An amount of Rs 241 crore has been sanctioned from power finance corporation for setting up a smart makers for five lakh customers every month, consisting of 200 units per month in 63 towns in the Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPSS).

Kerala is also a partner with the states in the “Uyi” scheme implemented by the Central government for enhancing the efficiency of the power sector in the country and to encourage energy efficiency. KSEB is hoping that the smartphone, which will be implemented as part of the project, will provide better service to consumers in power sector in Kerala.

Chief Public Relations Officer