The Sabarimala shrine which was damaged in the flood was restored within a short time

The 11 KV Line, which was transporting electricity from Pampa to Sabarimala Sannidhanam, collapsed in the flood and resumed at 10.30 pm on 7.9.18 yesterday.
The power supply through Sannidhanam was brought to a new line across Pampanadi.
With this, 38 transformers have been charged at Sannidhanam. The lanterns of Sannidhanam and Pilgrimage have also been restored.
The work on restoration of lights in the Manappuram section of Pampa continues.

There are also two 11 KV lines that are pulled down and the task is to reach the River Pampa.

More than one crore rupees have been allocated from the KSEB fund and the restoration of power supply to the Sannidhanam system has been completely restored.

Power has also provided electricity to Trinway, Hilton, KSRTC and in the area of ​​Water Authority.
Activities for reducing electricity supply to Sabarimala and Sannidhanam are still in progress.

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