The war on the war period to restore the electricity shortages caused by summer rains

LAST MODIFIED: October 29 2018, 13:03 IST

The issues related to the problems of power distribution in the State and the progress of the ongoing activities are being discussed. Minister of State for Human Resources Shri MM Mani reviewed the top officials.
At the meeting, the meeting also decided to monitor the situation on the war criminals in the wake of reports of high summer rains caused by heavy summer rains in many parts of the state and it should be monitored by the Deputy Chief Engineer.
Pre-monitored maintenance works are to be completed in the uninterrupted areas. The minister requested the officials at all levels to get the necessary supplies of foodstuffs in a timely manner and in order to have urgent customer satisfaction with special competence.
The minister also suggested that control rooms should be based on Chief Engineer offices to assess the progress of reinstatement of unexpected power hazards.
The meeting was attended by Chief Minister Oommen Chandy, Chief Engineer CV Nandan, Mohananatha Panicker, Parameswaran, Susan PJ Jacob and other Deputy Chief Engineers.

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