Covid-19: Great Risk of Stroke in Healthy Youth with Corona, Study Reveals!

Covid-19 Great Risk of Stroke in Healthy Youth with Corona, Study Reveals!

Coronavirus poses a high risk of stroke in healthy youth. Research by scientists at the US-based Thomas Jefferson University has revealed that infected patients between the ages of 30 and 40 are experiencing such severe strokes that are commonly seen in older patients. The special thing is that there were no signs of stroke in these young people before getting infected.

Heart Attack

Heart Attack

From March 20 to April 10, the researchers studied 14 infected patients with stroke symptoms. All of these patients were below 50 years of age including 8 males and 6 females. 50 percent of all 14 patients were not aware that they were infected with the coronavirus. These patients were admitted to the hospital for treatment of various diseases where they suffered a stroke.

The researchers found that the strokes these patients received were of different intensity than the strokes that usually occur. The impact of such stroke was on both hemispheres of the brain, due to which the risk to the lives of these patients increased.

Heart Attack in Corona Patients

Heart Attack in Corona Patients

Most of the problems facing asymptomatic patients lead study endovascular surgery specialist Pascal Jabor says that we are seeing a very large risk of stroke in patients aged 30, 40, and 50 years. Typically such strokes have been seen in patients aged 70 to 80 years. Blood clots (clots) are formed in patients with untreated coronavirus, which is the major cause of stroke.

42.50 percent of such patients die – the study also found that patients are not reaching the hospital on time due to fear of infection, increasing their risk of death. The probability of death in stroke patients infected with Kovid-19 is 42.8 percent. While 5 to 10 percent of patients usually die from stroke. The study found that 31.5 percent of stroke patients have coronavirus.

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