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Does Thyroid Increase Weight? Know what is true

You must have noticed many times that despite eating a healthy and balanced diet and exercising daily, suddenly your weight starts increasing rapidly. Especially if you are a woman, in such a case you should get the thyroid levels checked in your body.

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You must have noticed many times that despite eating a healthy and balanced diet and exercising daily, suddenly your weight starts increasing rapidly. Especially if you are a woman, in such a case you should get the thyroid levels checked in your body. Because of the thyroid level in the body decreases, suddenly weight starts increasing. World Thyroid Day is celebrated every year on 25 May. A large number of people worldwide suffer from thyroid disease. According to doctors, 1 in every 10 women has a problem of hypothyroidism ie thyroid hormone deficiency.


First of all, let’s talk about what is thyroid. The thyroid gland present in the body is a butterfly-shaped gland located just below the throat in our throat. This gland produces two types of hormones in the body – T3 (thyroxine) and T4 (triiodothyronine) and maintains the thyroid-stimulating hormone or TSH.

The thyroid gland helps to regulate various functions of the body. So if there is any kind of disturbance in these organs of the body, then the system of the body is not able to function normally. Thyroid disease usually occurs in 2 ways – hypothyroidism where thyroid hormone production is reduced and hyperthyroidism where thyroid hormone is overproduced. According to reports, people who suffer from hypothyroidism disease suddenly start gaining weight. Read further how the thyroid affects your weight.

What is the connection between thyroid and weight?
The thyroid hormone is believed to be responsible for maintaining the metabolism of the body. Metabolism of the body is counted as metabolic rate. This is the rate at which your body spends energy or how many calories it burns. Our body burns calories even while resting because energy is needed to continue the body’s function even while resting. This is called the basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Thyroid in Women
Thyroid in Women

According to studies done so far, whenever the level of thyroid hormone starts decreasing in the body, BMR in the body decreases and BMR increases when the level of thyroid hormone increases. Whenever BMR is high in the body, it starts using the stored calories of the body much faster than the calories consumed, due to which the fat of the person ends and it becomes very lean. it happens.

Increases weight due to hypothyroidism
In the case of hypothyroidism, there is a lack of thyroid hormone in the body in a normal amount. This hormone is considered to be very important for performing various functions of the body. Also, when BMR starts decreasing, then the process of burning calories in the body also slows down, due to which the weight of a person starts increasing rapidly.

In addition, many reports have also revealed that the problem of excess weight gain in hypothyroidism patients is because the body starts to store excess salt and water. Many other symptoms are also seen in a patient suffering from hypothyroidism. Like- excessive cold, constant pain in joints, feeling lethargy and lethargy etc. However, the weight suddenly starts increasing but does not increase much.

Treatment of hypothyroidism will help in weight loss
Reports have also revealed that once a patient suffering from hypothyroidism starts taking his thyroid medicines and following the diet and exercise routine as prescribed by the doctor, then the person is getting his first Wale comes back to shape. If the weight continues to increase even after taking medicines, it means that the cause of weight gain is not just thyroid disease but something else.

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